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Styling Feather Cushions

Why choose feather fills?

There are very good reasons why Interior Designers opt for Feather as their choice of fills.

Feather is a perfect choice if you are wanting the versatility of styling your cushions in different ways. And let’s be honest; feather cushion inserts not only look great but they’re also super comfortable.


The Chop Method

A favourite way to style cushions with interior designers is to give your cushion the famous V shape in the middle also known as The Chop or Bunny Ears.


3 Steps to Styling Feather Cushions with The Chop

Giving your cushions the V look is fast and easy.

Step 1

First you want to fluff up the feathers in the cushion as much as can. Start by patting all the sides of the cushion towards the centre to encourage the feathers to separate and move to the middle of the cushion. The idea here is get as much volume as possible, and make it as fat as you can.

Step 2

You should now have a cushion that is fat. You then want to flatten the cushion a little on the front & back, so pat softly on the front and back slightly making it smaller.

Step 3

Place the cushion on the sofa where you’d like it to be and Karate 'chop' the top centre of the cushion with the side of your hand or use your arm or elbow, which ever you prefer – and voila you’ll have the instant designer look for your cushion!!! 

The end result should be a very fat looking cushion with a nice V shape in the middle. 
feather cushions


Benefits of using feather fills


The Versatile Choice

Unlike polyester or microfibre fills, feathers fills are more malleable to move around in a cushion cover, allowing you to create different shapes for your cushions.
You can fluff them up and create a full cushion when you want to make a statement piece for your decor, or pat it down to a flatter cushion when you’re settling in down for the evening and want a comfy support to lean on.

Feather fills can give a fuller appearance to your cushions as you can really fluff them up. The bonus of a  fuller looking cushion means you’ll need less of them to fill up your sofa.


Showing off the fabric

The V shape creates bends and folds in the fabric to catch and reflect the light which accentuates the patterns, weave and texture of the fabric. As you get light reflecting different shades and patters, it shows off the cushion to its fullest.
Having a plump cushions with a chop in the middle brings a designer feel and a more polished approach into your space.


Statement piece

Feather cushions with the V chop appear fuller, as the feather is distributed to the sides and front and back, so if you want your cushion to make a statement piece, what a better way than having it sit nice and fat on your sofa in all its glory. 


luxe feather cushions

That's it!

There you have it, a perfectly styled feather cushion to show off you wonderful cushion covers.

Ethical Sourcing

At Indigo Lane, we take our environmental consciousness seriously and only source from reputable suppliers.  All our feather cushions are ethically sourced locally from the farms of Victoria, cruelty free. The feather itself is a by-product of other industries where there's no other use for the feather, so they are made into fills, which keeps it from being wasteful.  
What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear your experience on this topic.

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