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Top tips for matching cushions to a grey sofa

What cushions go with grey sofa?

Styling a grey couch with cushions doesn't have to difficult, and it's actually one of the easier sofa colours to style, as grey sofas provide a neutral base to build a room around.

Looking for inspiration? We've done the hard work for you, and selected cushions that rock a great grey sofa.


It's all about colours!

When it comes to choosing the right cushions for a grey sofa, it is important to choose a colour that will complement the sofa and the overall look of the room. 


Be bold

If the room is mainly neutral, then a pop of colour can be used to create a contrast and some vibrancy to the room.

For a bolder look, shades of blue, green, and yellow can be used to create a vibrant and colourful aesthetic. 

Our Gold and Emerald Luxe set is perfect for adding a pop of colour to a grey sofa and accentuate other colours in the room.

Gold and green luxe set

Less is more

Alternatively, if the room has other colours in it, then a muted colour palette should be used to complement the existing colour scheme. Neutral colours like beige, white, or light grey work well with a grey sofa, creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere. 

Try to avoid too many grey cushions as that will result in a look that can be a little dull and flat. 

Additionally, patterned cushions can be used to add visual interest to the sofa. For a contemporary look, geometric and abstract designs work well. 

Our houndstooth cushion setis a great way to add a sophisticated and timeless look to any space.



Our embroidered cushions for adding more colour & pattern.



Matching cushion colours together

Grey sofas make a great neutral base for any colour palette. Colours like navy, teal, yellow, and pink all look great together and will harmonise really well with most grey sofas, and are a great choice for cushions on a grey sofa. 

Navy and teal create a calming and sophisticated look, while yellow and pink can add a touch of brightness and vibrancy, and a pop of colour to the overall decor.

Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can mix and match different cushion colours to create a unique and eye-catching combination. 

Our Silver & Pink Luxe Cushion setis great for adding a pop of pink colour to a room without adding too many other elements, and is great if you have warm hues.




 Rule of three cushion colours

To keep the look from becoming too busy, stick to a colour palette of no more than three hues and choose complementary shades for a polished and pulled-together look. 

Our Silver, Black and Navy Luxe cushion set are perfect for a more subtle paired down look while still adding a luxurious and elegant style to your space.






Choosing the right cushions for a grey sofa can be a daunting task. However, with a little bit of thought and consideration, selecting the perfect cushions can be fun and really complement the sofa and the overall look of the room.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our matched cushion sets.

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